Recently, there has been a hot discussion on the Internet, guys, especially if you are a WinRAR user as well as Windows 11, because according to information circulating, Windows 11 will be able to directly open WinRAR files (.rar) directly without the help of the stacked book application. .

Now this news itself came shortly after Microsoft’s Build 2023 event which was held some time ago where Microsoft plans to add support for archive file formats, and from the various lists shown, RAR appears in the list.

"We have added native support for additional archive formats, including tar, 7-zip, rar, gz and many others using the libarchive open-source project. You now can get improved performance of archive functionality during compression on Windows." ungkap Microsoft dalam halaman resminya. 

As we know, WinRAR itself is an application that is quite popular even for a long time, because apart from this application having a 40-day trial but running forever, the RAR format itself is very popular for application users. farmer because with protection support, Antivirus cannot detect threats from files in the archive.

Apart from RAR, later Windows 11 will also be able to directly open files in the 7-zip format and even Gz, and the good news is, according to information from The Vergesthis support will soon Microsoft Launch in the next few weeks.

This improvement is probably one of the reasons why Microsoft has delayed twice the build updates on Windows Insider Canary, because they will bring more surprises in the latest build version later.

Support Only For Open File, Not Create File

A few things to note, reportedly this native capability only allows Windows 11 to open files, where users still need the WinRAR application to create RAR files.

But for those of you who rarely create RAR files and archive them, of course this increase will be very interesting. What do you think? comment below guys.

via: the Verge, Microsoft


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