Reporting from the official Microsoft page, some time ago, Microsoft has released a new update for Notepad and Media Player for Windows Insider users on Windows 11, where now Notepad and Media Player have received a number of improvements.

Now, what’s interesting is that Notepad and Media Player now support ARM64 natively, and of course starting with Notepad version 11.2204, the performance of these two applications will be even better.

Meanwhile, it is the same with Media Player version 11.2205, where there is an increase in performance especially for users who open large media files, and steadily, now based on the number of feedback users, now we can sort again and albums from collections by date added (Date added).

So if you’re curious, here is the changelog and improvements that were presented in Notepad and Media Player on Windows Insider.

  • Native ARM64 support: We’ve improved the Notepad experience on ARM64 devices on versions 11.2204 and higher available in all channels. You’ll see faster and better performance when you use the app.
  • Improved performance: In addition to the improved performance on ARM64 devices, you’ll notice additional performance improvements—especially when scrolling very large files or Replacing large amounts of text—across all devices in version 11.2205 and higher available in the Dev channel.
  • Improved accessibility: Improved support for screen readers, text scaling, access keys, and other assistive technologies are available starting in version 11.2204 and higher in all channels, with additional improvements in version 11.2205 and higher available in the Dev channel.

So what do you think? are you using an ARM64 device? comment below guys.

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