Download Manager, generally users may use Internet Download Manager or Free Download Manager, the two Download Managers are one of the most popular compared to others.

Well recently I’m interested in trying a number of open source download manager and one of them that is included in my trial list is NanaGet.

NanaGet itself is download manager developed by M2Team who are also NanaZip developers, just for information, in NanaGet 1.0 version, engine transfer used is aria2 and brings a number of improvements including:

  • Add English and Simplified Chinese support.
  • Packaging with MSIX for modern deployment experience.
  • Modernize the UI with XAML Islands with dark and light mode support. (Dynamic dark and light mode switching is supported for Windows 11 and later.)
  • Add full High DPI and partial Accessibility support.

If you are interested, you can try to download NanaGet on the GitHub page following.


The installation itself is very easy, as long as you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11, you just have to double click the file (.msixbundle) that you get from the GitHub page above.

I tried this NanaGet installation on Windows 10 1809 and Windows 11, and everything went normally and smoothly.

Minimalist Look

This NanaGet comes with a very minimalist look, which you can more or less see in the following image.

At first glance this appearance is similar to EagleGet, but simpler and more minimalist in my opinion.


Now for the features themselves, unfortunately when compared to Internet Download Manager, NanaGet is not comparable because of the unavailability of Extensions, and others, even downloading videos is still limited.

But for just downloading general things such as files, movies, ISO, and others, NanaGet is quite reliable.

There are still many shortcomings in NanaGet itself, of course, and if you have used a Powerful Download Manager application like Internet Download Manager, this application may be just a small application, but, if you want to try new things and even participate in collaborating and developing NanaGet, try NanaGet. can you think again guys.

Apart from that one thing I like about NanaGet is that it is very fast to run, either to open, or to navigate.

So, are there any recommendations? download manager what you can try guys, especially on Linux, comment below guys.


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