As has been reported in the previous article regarding Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Insider Build 25120 For Insider Dev ChannelIn this build, Microsoft has added an interactive content feature in the form of a search box that you can use to search for something on the internet.

Call this feature Windows Desktop Search, where with this feature we can search for things easily on the internet, but unfortunately based on circulating information, this feature forces users to use Microsoft Edge as their default browser and users cannot use other browsers even though the default browser is not Microsoft Edge.

Then, one thing that is quite disturbing in my opinion about this feature is the overlap of this feature with Windows Search which does have the same feature, namely the ability to search accordingly on the Internet. So in my opinion the Windows Desktop Search feature is really not needed.

Eliminate Windows Desktop Search

If you don’t like Windows Desktop Search as much as I do, and you happen to get Windows Desktop Search when updating your Windows 11 to Build 25120, you can right click Desktop > Show more options > Click Show search option.

Regarding this feature, it is worth explaining once again that Microsoft explain that the Insider Dev Channel will get a number of new features and experiences that may never be released, so all the features presented in this build are experimental and Microsoft is waiting for feedback from Insiders whether in the future they will release these features or not, including features The interactive content mentioned above.

What do you think? comment below guys. Do you like this feature? or not?

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