Yesterday, more precisely on January 13, 2023, there was one thing that might be quite upsetting for some Windows 10 users, especially users who rely on Microsoft Defender. Where it turns out that there are astu problems caused by security intelligence updates version 1.381.2140.0 in Microsoft Defender which makes Defender delete all shortcuts with format (.ink) located in ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms.

Of course, by removing it shortcuts that some users can not quickly access their applications, and of course even with that some applications will disappear from the list of applications in the Start Menu.

Reported from Reddita number of users say that this problem occurs in Windows 10 but it is possible that it will also occur in Windows 11 if the user uses Microsoft Defender.

While this issue is starting to go viral on social media, Microsoft released a confirmation a few hours earlier and said that they are currently investigating the matter.

And then not long after they confirmed the problem, they finally gave an update that the problem was fixed and they have prevented any future problems.

Regarding this problem, it turns out that this is caused by setting the Attack Surface Reduction Rule (ASR) rule “92e97fa1-2edf-4476-bdd6-9dd0b4dddc7b” which is set to Audit Only, but after Microsoft changes the rule it is hoped that the same problem will not recur in the future.

So, have you encountered this problem? comment below if yes guys.

via: Reddit, Twitter


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