Currently, if we update all applications in the Microsoft Store, usually the updated application will automatically close and reopen, this is indeed a drawback because there may be unfinished work and the application just closes.

Regarding this, on the Microsoft Store application 22205.1401.0.4 on the Insider Dev Channel, after users do check for updates manually in the Microsoft Store, if the application is in use, later there will be a message “the application is in use and cannot be updated for now”, more or less the message like that.

This update is certainly a good thing, because with it users can save work that they haven’t saved before to continue the application update process.

In the image above, as reported by DeskModder, Smartphone-Link and Windows Web Experience Pack will be updated, but because they are in use, the system will give a warning in advance, whether we want to continue the update or delay it.

What do you think about this guys? comment below.

Via : DeskModder


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