Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the world’s gaming giants. EA itself has released a variety of popular games in the world. Starting from FIFA, Battlefield, The Sims 4, F1, to Apex Legend Mobile.

Uniquely, EA is now reportedly looking for potential buyers. One of the things they are after is Apple, a technology company that is notorious for not focusing on gaming.

As usual, there hasn’t been any official comment from Apple. If the acquisition process really happens, then this is certainly very interesting for Apple. Apple will again be reckoned as one of the companies that focus on the world’s gaming industry.

This also fits perfectly with the various rumors that say that Apple will release a game console competing for the PlayStation and Xbox. This game console is also reportedly going to use Apple Silicon chips.

By using the same chip base and Apple operating system, porting games from Apple game consoles to other Apple platforms such as macOS, iOS, and tvOS is also easier.

Various EA flagship games also do not rule out the possibility to be present on the Apple platform. Not only that, these games will also be better optimized to run on Apple hardware and software.

This will also re-open the opportunities of Mac computers as gaming computers. Moreover, Apple Silicon in Mac offers high performance, low power consumption and lower heat production when compared to Intel and AMD processors in Windows gaming computers and laptops.

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via Apple Insiders


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