Yesterday Microsoft held a surprise event that invited a number of major media in the United States, where it turned out that at the event they announced the new Bing with ChatGPT AI support which had been rumored a few days earlier.

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Now regarding this event, according to information from several sources, Microsoft plans to use OpenAI GPT version 4 to integrate Chatbot into the Bing Experience, where this new version provides a faster and smarter ChatGPT.

This Chatbot option will be available on the Bing > Chat page as shown below.

Also at the event, Microsoft showed a number of search examples from the new Bing, such as request for recipe, travel tips, furniture shopping and even Bing can make travel plans.

All questions in the demo can be fully answered by ChatBot, of course besides that it will still include sources for further information.

Still related to this new Bing, Microsoft thinks that AI can beat Google in searchCEO Satya Nadella also gave an explanation about this through his interview with The Verge.

And at the event too, Satya Nadella said that with this new Bing, it will bring a new day in the world of search. “It’s a new day in search,”.

Oh yes, along with this announcement, Microsoft has also started opening a waiting list for users who want to try this new Bing, where you can already register through the page. www.bing.com/new.

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Then the question is whether Bing can kill Google like Microsoft claims ?, considering that Google itself is now creating a technology called Bard which will compete with this new Bing.

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