Some time ago Microsoft released Microsoft Edge Canary version 111.0.1650.0, where with this version there are a number of fixes and improvements in it, but apart from that, do you know that there are two features that are removed in this version.

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Both are features that have been discussed in several previous articles, including “Show Windows 11 visual effects in title bar and toolbar” and “Show Windows 11 visual effects in title bar and toolbar (Preview)“.

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Both of these features previously could be activated via the user experimental flags with the steps that WinPoin has written on the page followingbut unfortunately started on this version 111.0.1650.0, the second flags it is removed from Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Regarding this, unfortunately there is no official information and details from Microsoft, apart from that, of course, there is no reason why they delete mica effect and visual styles it’s from Microsoft Edge Canary. What will this change be related to Edge project “Phoenix”, Hmm, let’s just see what’s going on in the future guys, bearing in mind that currently the news regarding the development of Edge Phoenix itself is still quite limited.

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