Some time ago it was reported that Windows 11 22H2 Now Available For Insider Release Preview Channelwhere with that release stable is getting closer.

Well, it’s good, before we try the new version, let’s get to know first, what are the new features that are present in Windows 11 22H2, is it cooler than Windows 11 21H2 that you might be using now? okay let’s surgery guys.

There is an increase in the Start Menu and Taskbar

Drag and Drop

The Start Menu and Taskbar in Windows 11 22H2 have gotten many improvements, one of which is a feature drag and drop the Taskbar has been returned, of course with this feature you can quickly pin applications to the Taskbar, just like in the era of Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Pin and Recommendations

In addition to these features, now in the Start Menu section there are a number of additional customization options, for example whether the user wants to see pin more apps, or see more recommendations presented by Microsoft.

You can see these settings on the page Settings > Personalization > Start.

Start Menu Folder

Just like in the Windows 10 Era, now in Windows 11 22H2 you can combine a number of Pinned apps in the form of a folder, where it makes it easier for you to organize applications according to their respective parts or according to the needs you want.

New Gestures

For device users touch screen You will find a number of new gestures in Windows 11 22H2, which include:

  • Swipe up and Down from the Taskbar to open or close the Start Menu.
  • Swipe Left and Right in the Start Menu to change parts of pinned apps to list all programs.
  • Swipe up and Down from the bottom right corner of the screen to create and close quick settings.

Unfortunately I can’t try this gesture due to limited device support. >_<

Share this Windows – Microsoft Teams Special Features

Well for you Microsoft Teams users, if you are doing this video conferencing, You can quickly share your application window directly from the Taskbar, just hover over the application you want to appear on the share screen Microsoft Teams > then click Share this window.

Improved Quick Settings For Bluetooth

In Windows 11 22H2, you can connect devices bluetooth easily and quickly from Quick Settings without having to first enter the page Settings main, just open Quick Settings > click the (>) in the Bluetooth section and directly connect the device you want to connect.

Improved File Explorer and Window Management

In addition to improvements to the Taskbar and Start Menu, the File Explorer section also gets a number of improvements, which include:

Pin Files on Favorites

Now besides Quick Access, there is now a Favorites option in the section home > File Explorer, which is different from Quick Access which can only pin Folders, Favorites is the opposite, where we can pin Files in the Home File Explorer section.

Preview Folder

After Microsoft removed the cool Folder Preview display in Windows 11 21H2 yesterday, in this version this option is returned, where users can see the contents of the folder in preview form, just like in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Better OneDrive Integration

In File Explorer, OneDrive is now better integrated, where you can see how much onedrive storage remaining, sync status, and others.

Copy Path With New Shortcut

If you are used to copying the path of a file or folder, then you can now do it faster by using the combination key Ctrl + Shift + C on the file or folder you want path it is copied.

Improved Snap Layout

Well when you drag and drop an application window, now Snap Layout will appear in the form of a small bar at the top of the screen, where you can directly select the layout you want to use.

This option is a user alternative option keyboard shortcut Win + Z. Which one do you like?

Other Additional UI Changes

We will discuss briefly, now in Windows 11 22H2, the slider for volume, brightness and others appear more simple in the style of Windows 11, no longer the more boxy style of Windows 8.

In addition, you can now use Windows Spotlight as a Desktop WallpapersYou can see the article on the following WinPoin page: Did you know Windows Spotlight can now be used as a desktop background

In addition, there are a number of icon changes and other minor design changes, where now almost all Windows 11 components have icon designs rounded cornerand a more minimalistic appearance.

Besides that, there are also Voice Access in Accessibility, AirPods support, Efficiency Mode in Task Manager and several other minor improvements that WinPoin has reported in a separate article previously.

And one of the cool parts in my opinion is, change Task Manager view, where starting from version 22H2, Task Manager gets a new Windows 11-style face.

So that’s a few new features that are present in Windows 11 22H2 which is currently in Build 22621 (Insider Beta and Insider Release Preview Channel), when compared to the first generation of Windows 11, this version in my opinion is much better and highly recommended for users to try and install. But with a note that the device is reliable enough to run Windows 11 which is quite heavy.

What do you think? which feature do you like? comment below guys.


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