After last week we were given games Star Wars: Squadrons for free by Epic Games, which I also quite like the games and even forgot the time and continued to fight in space, so this week there are two games that are being given away for free by the Epic Games Store.

The two games are Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box, which are not popular games like the previous Starwars, because the appearance and graphics are very much different.

We briefly discuss these two games, for Fort Triumph these are tactical games like Heroes of Might and Magic which were also made free by Epic Games.

Whereas for RPG in a Boxthis is quite an interesting game, because we are given a toolset to explore and create games and other interactive experiences without requiring any programming knowledge.

And even though these two games look trivial, the prices are not, guys, because on a normal day, each of these games has a hefty price, where RPG in a Box about $29.99 meanwhile Fort Triumph about $19.99.

So, instead of going too far, it’s better for you to just claim these two games via the Epic Games Store page following.


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