One of the new features that may soon be presented by Microsoft in Microsoft Edge Chromium 110, namely features split screen where with this feature, will allow users to split two tabs in one window in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Named “Microsoft Edge Split Screen”, for now this feature can be activated by Microsoft Edge Beta, Dev, or Canary users via experimental flags (edge://flags/#edge-split-screen), where after flags the user activates, then we can split two tabs in the same window.

The appearance itself looks like in the following image, where there will be options split windows in section toolbars Microsoft Edge Chromium.

If the button is clicked, then we will be given the option which tab we will display with options split view with the final result as shown below.

Left is the courtyard experimental flags, Right is the page

After I tried this feature, it’s quite useful, especially if you are a user with a large screen size, you can open two tabs in the same window, and if your screen size is wider, you can open multiple windows to add more views. and more varied.

For me, this option is an interesting variation and an alternative for those of you who want to open two different pages on the same screen without having to open a new window, and of course this is simpler and more streamlined. resources browser compared to having to open a new window or window.

This feature itself is planned to be present in Microsoft Edge Chromium 110 which will be released in the next few weeks, but if you want to try it immediately, specifically for Microsoft Edge Beta, Dev, or Canary, you can activate it now. experimental flags above to get this feature.

So what do you think? give your opinions and opinions below guys.

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