Previously, Microsoft had released the Snipping Tool to version 11.2212.24.0 for Windows Insider Dev users via Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25281meanwhile, simultaneously with Update KB5022358 For Windows 11 Insider BetaMicrosoft has also finally released a version of the new Snipping Tool for Insider Beta users.

And because I also happen to be currently in Insider Beta, then of course I already got the new version of the Snipping Tool 11.2212.24.0 these guys, now if you are curious about what the features are like Screen Recorder of this Snipping Tool, I will briefly discuss and review it, because to be honest this feature is not very good powerful to use.

First Impressions

When the Snipping tool application has been updated, when we open the application, then besides the option screenshots there will be available options record with a display like in the following image:

Well then to take a screenshot, after the options record we choose, we can press the button new to start selecting the area we will record.

More or less it looks like in the picture above, where there will be a button Start blue shortly after we select the area that we will record. Of course we can choose the area according to our choice, either way fullscreen, or only certain areas.

Then, after the button record we press, then the recording process will immediately run, starting with a countdown of 3, then the indicator will change to display pause / resume, stop, record time indicator, and delete if we don’t record the screen.

To be honest, the animation when the countdown process is in my opinion quite interesting, and this application also doesn’t take up a lot of resources when we start recording.

Then, after the recording process is complete and we select the button stop, then we will be redirected back to the Snipping Tool application with previews videos that we have taken before, where here we can save them, or share them.

Option Save, Copy, and Share.

Minimal Features

After we save the recording, which will be saved according to our own choice, unfortunately with screen recorder there’s not much else we can do other than simple screen recording.

For fps the video itself is 30 fps.

Besides that, screen recorder It can’t record sound, either display sound or inputs via Microphone, even in some cases when I’m playing audio, feature screen recorder it can’t run and displays an error like in the following image.


Due to this feature still being previews and is only available for Insider Beta and Dev users, so of course there are still bugs and still need improvement.

Then it seems to me, screen recorder this is not very useful, because even with xbox game bar, we can record the screen better, including recording display audio and input via microphone. For those of you who want to only record the eating screen, of course this feature is useful, but again, screen recorder in this snipping tool it’s just like a screenshot but it runs like a video, why? because there is no audio that is recorded in it.

Is it worth it for us to use? It’s quite worth it if you only want to record screens in the form of certain moments with no audio in them, but if you want games, tutorials, and more, I don’t recommend this feature because it still has a number of drawbacks.

But, this is just my opinion, based on my experience when trying this feature, if you have tried this feature and have other opinions, don’t hesitate to comment below, guys.

thank you


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