At this time if we want to do recoverythere are several options that we can choose on the page Settings > System > Recovery, which include the following:

For those of you who often work on this feature, of course you are already familiar with a number of these options, including the following reset this pc which one can we do reinstall windows us and return it to the initial settings.

This is of course useful if the Windows we use encounters a problem that requires us to reset the system as a whole.

But friends, in Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25284, it turns out that there is a new feature that we can activate, just by using ViveTool and entering the command: vivetool /enable /id:42550315, we will get additional options, namely Fix problems using Windows Update.

With this option, reportedly we can do in place upgrade to the same build without having to use the usual installation media first. Even though it is still unclear what these features and capabilities will look like considering the details themselves are currently still limited, but maybe with this option we can more easily solve the problem using only Windows Update, just as the name implies, namely x problem using Windows Update.

Oh yes, even though you have activated this feature using ViveTool, unfortunately this feature still doesn’t work, so we’ll see in the next Windows 11 Insider Dev build, what will this feature be like, and will this feature live up to the rumors?

Via : @PhantomOfEarth (Twitter)


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