Although there are solutions if you are unable to pay off your loan online. But it’s better to pay on time. The reason is basically a credit institution. online Under the auspices of the law and of course, the Financial Services Authority (OJK), which means the agency can take action against you in the event of late or default payments.

So if you don’t want to deal debt collection, Use online loans wisely. because if you don’t You’ll feel at risk of not paying your loan online. It started with being called multiple times. or contact the guarantor number specified in the registration.

If you don’t want that to happen Here’s the solution. If you can’t pay off your loan online you can.

1. Contact the credit company

A viable solution if you don’t pay off your loan online is to contact the lending company directly. Usually, online credit system Late payers will be charged by calling. Instead of bypassing it by rejecting the phone or not answering it. You can receive a billing call.

Then inform customer service online that they are experiencing economic difficulties. with correct evidence Tell the company that you won’t be able to make payments in the near future. Then wait for a response from the lender company.

Usually, if the platform or application you used to apply for a loan is a legal request Licensed by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the platform understands consumer issues and will find solutions. Because they have regulations that govern in the law on billing rules. So they don’t judge just you.

2. Ask for relief

You can also seek relief by negotiating with the Company about the terms that have been placed on you. basically All lenders require their customers to pay in installments in the form of principal and interest on the loan. The Company cannot force the customer to pay in full.

can therefore request a waiver, for example, this period does not pay interest first or pay less interest The most important thing is your commitment to installments and installments.

Of course, the company doesn’t want customers to pay at all. Because that means no income at all. Therefore, you must accept any amount. The rest you can compromise with the company.

3. Carry out loan restructuring

If the request for a waiver is not well received and there is no solution All you can do is restructure the loan. A loan restructuring can be one way if you’re looking for a solution because you can’t pay in installments.

In addition, OJK itself allows P2P parties to restructure loans for non-paying customers. In this way, customers are reviewed for their ability to pay.

It also provides a loan rebate or rebate either in the form of a loan or interest on the loan, or it may be in the form of extending the term of the loan so that the number of installments is less. and extending the repayment period for several months The type of restructuring itself can be adjusted according to the outcome of the negotiations between the two parties.

4. Sell valuable assets

Alternatively, if you fail to get a loan and restructure from the P2P side, you will inevitably make a payment. One way you can pay off debt is by selling valuable assets that can generate income for you. This can be done in really urgent situations.

In addition, this method is better than having to open another debt channel. Then create an endless loop of debt as you keep opening new debts. You can sell valuable assets that you have such as mobile phones, refrigerators, or other valuables.

5. Check Lender Status Online

It is important to know that some online lending companies that offer loan funds are not legal. There are still many platforms or applications that are not licensed by OJK, so checking their status is important. Whether online loans are legal or illegal

If you find that your application status is legal You must pay the installments because the online lending company is officially licensed by OJK as well as a credit collection system for debtors. So that online loan companies can collect debt from you.

But if you find that the application is illegal This might be a weapon for you not to pay in installments because Applying for a loan online is illegal. This means they are not authorized by OJK and can be blocked at any time.

You just need to report to OJK about the illegal application. For this, OJK already has its own team for eliminating illegal online Fintech loans, namely: Investment Operations Division You can contact investment agencies via email to report illegal online credit activities.

6. Find extra work

So you can pay off your online loan debt instantly. You may need to hire additional jobs that can increase your income. So you don’t just rely on your main salary. Lots of work these days freelance translator This can be done anywhere, which, if free, can earn enough money.

Maybe you really can’t pay on time. Even if you have extra income But that’s better than defaulting and being afraid to pay your loan outright. so that the fines that have to be paid are not swollen compared to you being silent.

7. Notify the police if threats occur.

Finally, if you have applied for an exemption request a credit restructuring and other methods above, but online lending companies do not provide solutions and are still intimidating. Immediately report to the police station.

because basically There are rules and ethics to charge a legitimate online loan company. Therefore, there are still steps that must be passed. If the charge scares you and the sentence is threatening. You can immediately report to the police station.

Includes evidence of threats from online credit companies. in order to be able to process the report. Because in fact the company has the right to charge but in the right way. So please do not hesitate to report to the authorities if there are any irregularities in the billing process such as intimidation, intimidation, violence, etc.

even better if you Skilled in dealing with online loan collectors so as not to be intimidated

For the record, try when applying for a loan that you are aware of the risks when taking the loan so you can be more obedient to pay.

Obligations still to be done Everything you do has to be taken into account. Therefore, it is wise to use online loans in the future. Good luck!


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