The government as a policyholder must certainly provide adequate health facilities for the entire community. One health facility that can be used in Indonesia is the BPJS Center for Public Health Card.

The Social Security Administration (BPJS) itself is a government-provided insurance company for the entire community. BPJS was previously named PT Askes and then renamed.

Of course, treatment must be carried out according to the prescribed procedures. People can be treated at the nearest registered medical facility. Unfortunately, due to the relocation of this medical facility, It might be far away Of course, it will be inconvenient and better to move the hospital. In this article, we will discuss BPJS health facilities, how to move automatically. online and offline and respond to messages about the BPJS medical facility

About BPJS Hospital

A health facility, often referred to as a health facility, is a facility for the treatment of BPJS-adjusted health participants close to where they lived during the enrollment process. There is often a level of medical facility as a reference for treatment procedures.

Faskes itself has 3 levels, which are used for reference system order. to refer You must pass these three levels. here is the description

Level 1 medical facility

Level 1 health care facilities are the first place to visit if you feel unwell. The form of health care facilities at level 1 are clinics, health centers, general practitioners. or private physicians who cooperate with BPJS

Unfortunately, the completeness of treatment at one medical facility is still limited. Faskes 1 tends to deal with common and mild illnesses, while if you want to be screened for more serious illnesses, you must be referred to the facility. Level 2 Nursing course after approval from the 1st medical facility

Level 2 medical facility

Level 1 above health facilities have Level 2 health facilities, at this level requiring approval in the form of a reference letter for recommendation. Faskes 2 is visited if at the previous level failing to provide maximum treatment.

Health care facilities 2 usually take the form of general hospitals in the region. private hospital or a specialist doctor Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the BPJS card, you must pass level 1 before going to level 2 health facilities.

Level 3 medical facility

Finally, it is a Level 3 medical facility. At this level, people who need treatment come after being referred by a Level 2 medical facility.

How to move a BPJS health facility online

After understanding what health facilities (faskes) are and their level, here’s how to move BPJS health facilities online if you change your domicile from a previous one. but before that Notify in advance of the conditions that must be met in order to request a transfer of a BPJS medical facility:

  • Certificate of immigration or moving out of the city due to the assignment of education
  • Family Card (KK)
  • BPJS card

meanwhile The steps to be taken in relocation of a nursing home are: online is as follows:

  1. download application JKN Mobile
  2. If downloaded on your smartphone You can open it right away.
  3. After that, you will be asked to fill in your identity, password and captcha code. Don’t forget to check too.
  4. If you enter successfully, press the ‘Change Participant Information’ button immediately.
  5. Next ‘change the first hospital’
  6. You can edit the hospital information as needed.
  7. In this case, wait until the verification is successful.

You can apply for a transfer of a health service facility via call center 165:

  1. phone number call center 165 on your mobile Make sure your mobile phone is credited in advance. so you can call the CS number
  2. Report changes to health facilities to administrators online. You will be taken to the next step.

How to move BPJS healthcare facility offline

besides onlineYou can move BPJS health facilities directly. offline . There are many ways to go. You can choose whichever method is easy for you. Check the following!

How to move BPJS health care facility online via Mobile Customer Service (MSC):

  1. Come to visit MSC as scheduled.
  2. fill out Participant List Form (FDIP) and wait in line for service
  3. Notify the staff that the domicile has changed. along with evidence of change of domicile or education assignment letter

In addition to MSC, you can also transfer healthcare facilities through public service centers which are available in almost every major city in Indonesia. The steps for this can be seen below.

  1. Go to the Public Service Mall, which has a special stand for BPJS.
  2. Fill out the Participant Registration Form (FDIP) and wait in line for service.
  3. Notify the staff that the domicile has changed. along with evidence of change of domicile or education assignment letter

Finally, you can also change health care facilities through the nearest BPJS branch office. Here’s how

  1. Prepare supporting documents such as KTP, JKN-KIS and KK.
  2. Come to the nearest office and get the number right away.
  3. While waiting to fill out the Registration Form (FDIP)
  4. after being called state your intention Fill in the part of the hospital you want to use as a hospital 1
  5. Wait a moment, after which you will be notified that the medical facility has changed.

BPJS Relocation Questions

After answering the question about how to transfer the hospital Here are some answers to other questions about BPJS, read more below!

How much is the BPJS hospital fee?

BPJS health care contributions depend on the class chosen. Here are some more explanations:

  • Level 3: IDR 35,000
  • Class 2: IDR 100,000
  • Class 1: IDR 150.000

How long does the transfer process take?

You don’t need to worry, as moving to a medical facility can generally be done in a very short time, especially if you do. offline. If the officer informs that the company has been saved Therefore, at that time, the hospital was changed, less than 1 time, 24 hours.

After changing hospitals Can it be used immediately?

After receiving confirmation of the transfer of the hospital You won’t be able to use it right away. Because it takes time to transfer for sure. You can use your BPJS card at a new medical facility for at least 1 month after that.

How many times can you change nursing homes?

basically There is no restriction on the transfer of health facilities. But it should be noted that when performing the procedure, the transfer is not directly applicable, so it requires a process. So if you want to change Make sure the previous one is safe.

Here’s how to move the BPJS healthcare facility physically and mentally. online and offline Some explanations about the BPJS medical facility besides preparation pension fundIf you really want to move to a hospital, try doing it a long time ago. because we do not know when the disease will come to us Indeed, we all hope to always be in good health. But misfortunes can happen to us. So better late, good luck!

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