Shopee PayLater is a payment method that makes it easy for shoppers. because you can buy products immediately but will pay in installments next month Provides many conveniences to Shopee users. payer The seller can actually activate it even if it is not manually activated.

Activating Shopee PayLater for merchants cannot be done manually. But it can also be enabled to make it easier for buyers to pay for their purchases. How do I enable a merchant payment method? Check out all the steps and tips below.

Shopee PayLater Activation Terms

feature enabled Shopee PayLater For sellers, buyers can pay for their orders very easily. especially if they really need the product. The payment method with SPayLater system is Buy Now Pay Later which can be paid out later in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or may be paid out immediately next month.

Order payment method payer to keep the seller moving Of course, there are several requirements that must be met. General Terms include an active and verified Shopee account as follows: seller Be at least 17 years old and have a valid ID card. In addition, here are some criteria that must be met. seller to enable the Shopee PayLater feature.

1. The account is valid for at least three months and is used for sales.

Some buyers have people who use SPayLater payment method because it’s very easy, big discounts when using the feature. Still, not all vendors provide or enable this feature. payer In-store so that all buyers can not pay in installments when they need the product.

If you want this payment method to work Must have at least a Shopee sales account for at least three months as a seller and in-store sales activity. Conversely, with little or no activity There is a high probability that the SPayLater payment service for buyers will not be available.

An account that has been active in sales for at least three months will allow Shopee to believe and enable an installment payment method for the buyer. The reason might be to avoid fraud especially now that there are quite a lot of fake accounts on the platform that could be scams. defraud

2. Verified as a star seller

Another condition that must be met in order to enable the Shopee PayLater feature for merchants is Merchants must be verified as a positive Star Seller or not. A verified merchant means that Shopee trusts Shopee to provide the SPayLater payment method.

The way to get a store to have a Star Seller badge is to conduct sales activities simultaneously while improving the efficiency of the store. Performance improvements can be achieved by collecting good ratings from consumers. When a large number of 4-5 star ratings are collected, Shopee will often give Star Seller labels.

Star sellers are more trusted by market visitors than unlabelled stores. Because in general, Star Sellers provide good service to consumers. Their products are more reliable. and good quality

3. Install the latest version of the Shopee application.

To enable the feature payer But the service does not appear? Try installing the latest Shopee app on your device! Installing the latest version gives you the latest features as well. One of them is Shopee PayLater.

Usually when the application is not updated to the latest version. Some features will not be displayed. So you can’t enjoy the features. So you don’t miss Shopee updates, just turn on the auto feature or try checking directly at toy store neither app store.

After downloading the latest update You will find the Shopee PayLater feature in the ShopeePay menu. However, please note that the SPayLater feature will not appear in all user applications. Because it will require at least 3 months of use and transactions as often as possible.

Steps to activate Shopee PayLater

How to activate Shopee PayLater for merchants Online stores cannot do this manually, as references from the official Shopee page indicate that only selected merchants that meet the criteria can activate the payment method. payer. So it is impossible to do it yourself.

In short, the SPayLater payment method can be activated automatically. If merchants are included according to Shopee’s selection criteria, however, you cannot directly verify them through the sales account. So it’s worth trying to verify as the buyer’s account.

Here’s how to view Shopee PayLater enabled by merchants.

  1. Login as buyer’s account Then look for the name of your online store.
  2. after finding Look for what you want to buy. (It’s okay because it’s just checking.) Go to the cart icon next to the message menu in the top right corner.
  3. Add the product to the cart and tick, then click checkout.
  4. On the next page, under the Shopee Voucher menu, select a payment method.
  5. If the Payment Method menu shows the SPayLater option and Installment balance Indicates that the merchant has enabled SPayLater as a payment method.

The method can’t really be enabled. payer Manually, then start improving your store’s efficiency while using it to make frequent sales. This way, it’s more likely that Shopee will help enable payments using SPayLater for your consumers.

Tips for successfully activating Shopee PayLater

Although activating Shopee PayLater for merchants cannot be done manually. But it’s not wrong to use the following tips to make Shopee choose.

1. Improve the efficiency of the shop.

The first trick to successfully activating Shopee PayLater is to improve the efficiency of your store. Try to be a Star Seller. The trick is to fulfill orders as best as you can. Provide appropriate consumer feedback and complaints and often conduct sales transactions

Improving store performance can lead Shopee to believe that merchants deserve an additional feature that makes it easier for consumers to checkout: SPayLater. Increase sales in online stores

2. Often join the program from Shopee

Shopee often organizes various events. to attract the attention of application users Examples of these events that some people are already aware of include Flash Sale, Free Shipping, Mall Discounts and Star Sellers, among other cash backs.

As a seller, try to follow the program from Shopee often. Stores can also choose to enable the feature. payer

Used to sell as often as possible

For more tips About how to activate payer For sellers, use the account as often as possible to sell. Start promoting your online store to other platforms to get more people to know about your store.

while increasing sales Always try to maintain the efficiency of your online store or at least satisfy your customers to give them a good rating. Friendly service to respond to complaints and messages as possible
In summary, payment methods using SPayLater cannot be manually activated by the seller as it is directly chosen by Shopee. As a buyer, learn how How to use and enable SPAYLater as a payment method


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