Not everyone is guaranteed old age as a civil servant (PNS). when you are old There are many requirements that you must fulfill. whether it is a daily requirement business capital after retirement or medical expenses

One of the ways to be open-minded in preparation pension fund It is an investment, nowadays you can easily invest just by using the smartphone you have at home. So which investment tools are suitable for preparing your retirement funds? Here are 5 of them:

1. Deposit

The first good investment tool to prepare for your provident fund is investment deposit. There are several reasons why it is the best tool for this purpose:

  • quite safeDeposits and other savings of less than Rp 2 billion are guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS). This guarantee is not available in other investment instruments.
  • easy. You can access the deposit system at large and small banking companies in Indonesia. Many banks now also offer online deposits through mobile banking applications or internet banking.
  • Unable to raise funds for a certain period of time. If you are worried that your savings will be inadvertently tampered with. Depositing is the best option. The reason is that the deposit cannot be withdrawn until the time you set. If payment is not made on time You will be charged a fine.

The downside is that the interest rates or profits on deposits are relatively small and subject to 20% income tax. In addition, smaller banks offer large deposit rates. So the risk is greater.

2. Gold

The second recommended instrument for pension funds is gold. As mentioned in the previous article Gold is an investment tool suitable for both long and very long term. This is because in the period 1971-2020 (49 years) the price of gold increased 5600%, while in the period 1971-2020 (21 years) the price of this commodity rose 360%.

There are also other advantages. Many more things can be obtained from investing in gold:

  • can be done in a variety of ways. Investing in gold can be done in many ways. from saving gold in banks and pawnshops buying gold jewelry buying gold bars All the way to investing/trading in XAU/USD.
  • Gold is easy to sellThese items can be sold through trading applications (for XAU/USD) at gold shops, pawn shops, banks, Antam gold boutiques, or even roadside gold stalls. although not recommended But at least it makes gold more liquid than deposits.
  • gold can be enjoyedInvesting by buying jewelry or gold bars is not only profitable and profitable. but can also enjoy its beauty and social proof.

However, the downside of investing in gold is the progression of price increases, which is often difficult to predict. There is a difference between the selling price and the purchase price. And there is a possibility of being stolen if you invest in physical gold.


The next tool for investing in pension funds is stocks. Shares are securities issued by companies to receive additional capital. This tool carries a high level of risk as it is not guaranteed by LPS and prices tend to go up and down rapidly. However, stocks are ideal for retirement fund investments because:

  • has a long-term upward trendDuring 2000-2002 (22 years), JCI was up 963%, a doubling downfall during the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. DJIA (US index) increased 3 times, so, long term stock good for retirement
  • easy and cheap. Investing in stocks is now possible using the trading app on your favorite smartphone. You can also buy this instrument for as little as 100,000 IDR per lot (depending on stock) and this amount can be replenished according to your allotment.
  • can be used as collateral at the bank.
  • Passive income opportunity. In addition to raising prices The benefit of investing in stocks also lies in the potential for dividends. Dividends are part of a company’s profit distributed to investors.

In addition to the risks of up and down The disadvantage of investing in stocks also lies in taxes and fees. Profits from investing in stocks are taxable and sales of shares are subject to commission.

4. Mutual Funds

It requires an investment that is easy, inexpensive, with relatively low risk. And do not have to pay taxes or not? Then mutual funds are the answer. Mutual funds are the only investment tool in which profits are not subject to income tax. Even the purchase and sale of this instrument is not subject to fees for buying and selling. In addition, the advantages of saving pension on this instrument are:

  • easy and cheap. Like current stocks, mutual funds can be purchased for only Rp. 100,000 for investment applications or supermarket mutual fund applications. Even some mutual fund products can be purchased for just Rs 10,000.
  • diversification By purchasing 1 mutual fund, you can indirectly purchase other investment instruments such as stocks or bonds. Because, Mutual Fund It is managed by the investment manager to invest in multiple instruments at once.
  • Don’t worry about analyzing. As discussed in Section 2 above, your mutual fund will be managed by an investment manager. So you don’t need to think about further technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Can be adapted to risk profiles and needsThere are different types of mutual funds you can buy, from stock funds to global mutual funds. Each has its advantages and potential risks.

The only drawback of mutual funds for retirement preparations is that the profit margins of this investment tool are lower than stocks and bonds, so be accurate. Calculate your preferred retirement fund and designing appropriate mutual fund investment volumes to achieve the goals

5. Property

The final investment tool for pension fund preparation is real estate investing. This type of investment has the potential to be profitable. Due to the limited supply of land and the need for human habitation is unlimited and inheritable.

You can invest in real estate in a variety of ways, such as buying agricultural land or parking. Rental buildings or dormitories, etc. However, real estate investment has many disadvantages, such as requiring relatively high capital to purchase and maintain. and less liquidity (It’s hard to sell)

In addition to signing up and managing your own investments You can also join an investment program for pension funds provided by banks. When joining this program All you have to do is send a certain amount of money that the bank will allocate and benefit from the investment. To find out more about this program Please contact the relevant bank. Because each bank has different investment details.


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