On Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25262Microsoft announced a new feature that allows users to use Widgets without having to login/sign in to Windows 11 Widgets.

This capability itself is quite useful especially if the user doesn’t want to log into the Widget itself, considering previously if we wanted to use a Widget, then we were forced to log in first, even this capability has been presented by Microsoft through Update KB5022363 For Windows 11 Insider Beta.

Time has passed, now finally this feature is ready to be presented to all Windows 11 users, this is because it turns out that if we have received the Windows Web Experience Pack Update version 423.3000.10.0, we can now use the Widget capabilities without logging in, here’s an example.

So to get this upgrade, you just have to update the Windows Web Experience Pack application from the Microsoft Store, then make sure you are using version 423.3000.10.0 or later.

In the Widget itself, we can get a lot of information such as news, and content customized by Microsoft, including with the latest enhancements, we can use the Widget to control a number of applications including Phone Link and Facebook Messenger.

What do you think about this increase? are you a Widget user in Windows 11? comment below guys.

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