Recently there was one thing that caught my attention, which is Twitter users @NTDevconducted a trial run of Windows 7 with specifications that were far below the minimum requirements of Windows 7 itself.

Yep, even though the OS that has officially ended since 2020 has minimum requirements with 1 GB of RAM or 2 GB for the 64-bit version and Single Core 1 GHz Processor, but based on NTDEV trials, he noted that Windows 7 can run with a 5MHz Pentium-S Processor which is 200 times lower than minimum requirements official from Microsoft, and even the RAM used is enough with 128 MB.

NTDEV notes, that initially LogonUI refuses to load anything, and of course guys, this wouldn’t have happened if everything was done by default, because NTDEV also did a major modification, wherein the entire OOBE folder was deleted, and registry also been in tweaks to imitate circumstances pseudo-OOBE for Boot configuration data.

After a successful boot, it seems system it also runs stably, where as WCPUCLK or Real Time Clock Checker confirms that the system is indeed running at 5Mhz.

Although this is just an experiment, and certainly not fit for use as daily drivers and even Windows 7 itself is over, but this is quite interesting, it turns out to be below the minimum requirements from Microsoft, if users dig deeper, this OS can even run with specifications 200 times below the minimum requirements of the OS itself.

So what do you think? comment below guys.

Via : NTDEV (Twitter) (1), (2), Tom’s Hardware


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