Social Media Threads may be currently being discussed, because while Twitter has a lot of controversy going on in it, Meta recently announced that they will be launching a new social media which they call Threads.

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Now regarding the new social media, last Wednesday Meta started launching this social media in stages and for users in Indonesia, starting this Thursday we can download applications directly from App Store or Google Play Store.

Apart from Indonesia, in fact, Threads was launched in more than 100 countries, so it was rumored that within two hours of its launch, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Threads already had more than 2 million registered users.

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Available on App Store and Google Play Store

For you Apple and Android users, don’t worry because now you can download and install Threads through each Apps Center, where to start this social media, if you already have an Instagram account, you can easily import data and even follow each other. with friends you already know on Instagram too.

Meanwhile, unfortunately if you want to access Threads via Desktop, it is still not possible because at this time if you access the page threads. net only a blank page will appear as shown in the following image.

So, have you signed up for this social media? Comment below guys and don’t forget you can follow https://www.threads.net/@gylang_satria.


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