After yesterday Microsoft Confirms Printing Problems in Windows 11 22H2recently Ned Pyle, Principal Program Manager at the Windows Server engineering group has published a new report on forum Microsoft’s official website, where the report alerts users to the performance degradation when copying large files from network share with a system that is running Windows 11 22H2.

According to Ned, Windows 11 22H2 users can experience throughput up to 40% less than SMB when copying large files with a size of several GB or more, interestingly this bug is not found in Windows 11 21H2, so for those of you who haven’t upgraded, then this problem is nothing to worry about.

Also, since this bug is not exclusive to SMB, it means that users may notice that performance drop when copying local files. Now Microsoft is looking for the cause of this problem and it is hoped that a fix will be presented soon, but for users who feel affected by this bug, users are recommended to use robocopy with the /J parameter for the normal file transfer process.

So did you find this problem? comment below guys.

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