The Windows Insider Dev Channel does contain a lot of new things that are certainly beyond our understanding as users, one of which is new capabilities and also new changes that Microsoft might soon implement in the next version of Windows 11.

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So, one of the changes presented to the Insider Dev Channel at Build 25300 seems to be Microsoft possibility will replace DirectUI with XAML, which is for consistency purposes fluent design thoroughly on the latest Windows operating system.

This itself is marked by the addition of a new Gallery in File Explorer, which, based on Albacore’s sources, File Explorer itself will get a major overhaul such as including new and interesting features for us to use.

And this change from DirectUI to XAML, of course, will affect the future development of Windows, because in the future many things will change from the OS itself, including how the application displays something and how the application works.

So, for more details, maybe you can watch the video shared by @PhantomOfEarth below to find out more clearly what the changes mean.

Now File Explorer is likely the first application to implement this change, but it is possible that other Microsoft applications in Windows 11 will also follow suit. But of course this is still a rumor and there is no detail and clarity from Microsoft yet, but if so, then hopefully with this change, Windows 11 can run even better.

Via : Albacore (Twitter)


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