Investing in gold has always been popular because it can serve as long-term savings. with a fixed trend value Prices may go up from time to time. and more resistant to inflation Popular types of gold in Indonesia are Antam and UBS, both of which are different, although they are pure 24 karat precious metals for investment purposes.

Of course, the fundamental difference is with the manufacturer. But there are other differentiators. There are many more that you need to know before making a decision to make it a long-term investment tool. What’s the difference? See the description below for all information.

What is UBS Gold?

UBS Gold is an investment precious metal produced by PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera, commonly known as UBS Logam Mulia. The company operates in Kenjeran, Surabaya, East Java, producing 24 karat gold investments.

In contrast to Antam, UBS produces gold in the form of various special characters. Even custom printing can be done. You can find UBS precious metals in gold shops, pawn shops, and even markets. Although it is easily available for purchase, UBS is certainly safe for long term investment as it is pure precious metal like Antam and has definitely received official national certification.

Besides being made into bars, UBS also makes jewelry. So don’t be surprised if you can easily find UBS precious metals in gold shops while on sale.

There is a difference between UBS and Antam precious metals in terms of the manufacturing company and the type of certificate issued. To know more about the differences between the two Let’s look at the explanation in the next point.

Why is Antam’s gold more expensive than UBS?

The difference between Antam gold and UBS gold lies in the price. Antam’s precious metal is somewhat more expensive than UBS.Why even though they are both pure 24 karat metals?

The answer is because in terms of sales, Antam is superior and dominates the market in Indonesia 90% in contrast to UBS which is only 10%. This is what makes Antam more expensive for the gold price compared to UBS.

What makes Antam precious metals more expensive is the certificate issued by PT Aneka Tambang. LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) or is an international standard Purity is recognized internationally as well. Meanwhile, PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera only has a national certificate and cannot be sold overseas.

What is the difference between Antam and UBS gold bars?

In the previous description There is a brief explanation of what UBS gold is and why it is relatively cheaper than Antam gold. Below are some other differences explanations. between the two

1. Price

The main difference between Antam gold and UBS gold is the price. UBS precious metals are cheaper. This is due to looking at the Indonesian market where PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera controls only 10% of the domestic market, although the price is relatively cheap. But it is still safe to invest in buying precious metals from the manufacturer Untung Bersama Sejahtera.

In contrast to Antam, the price is slightly more expensive as it can dominate 90% of the Indonesian market. You can also sell gold locally or internationally because the certificate is LBMA or international standard.

Still, the difference in price between the two is not much different. The level is the same as 24 carats, so it is still safe for long term investment.

2. Certificate type

The difference between Antam and UBS gold lies in the type of certificate as well. Antam’s certificate is LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), which includes international standards. thus guaranteeing both quality and purity internationally. not only that You can also sell them at home or abroad.

The old certificate remains in the form of a separate holographic paper. But now Antam’s newest gold certificate is in the form of laminated paper for security purposes. The package also includes a QR code that can be scanned to verify the authenticity of gold through the Certieye application.

The UBS Gold Certificate is a national certificate issued by PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera himself, so that the method of selling UBS gold can only be done within the country. Therefore, it is quite difficult to sell to other countries.

If you buy UBS gold weighing less than 5g, the printed certificate will only be a small piece of gold-plated paper (such as a SIM card). However, for ownership over 5g, the certificate will be in a ho. separate logic to be able to hold the product

3. Producer

PT Aneka Tambang Tbk. is an Antam precious metals company since 1986 with headquarters in Jakarta. Previously, PT Aneka Tambang It was BUMN, but now it’s a subsidiary of PT Inalum.

Meanwhile, UBS gold is produced by PT Untung Sejahtera Bersama, The company opened in Surabaya. East Java since 1981 not only produces pure precious metals. But the company also produces jewelry with the Starshine and Venus brands.

4. Place to sell and buy

The next difference lies in the position of selling and buying. where to buy antam gold Available both online and offline, Antam’s gold can be purchased at PT Aneka Tambang’s headquarters in Jakarta, Antam’s boutiques in various regions, pawn shops and markets.

You can also sell Antam gold to any of the above mentioned places or even abroad.

However, you can buy it at the gold shop. Unfortunately, not every store sells Antam gold in different sizes, sometimes even only certain sizes. So it’s harder to choose yourself.

At the same time, UBS gold does not have a special channel to buy precious metals. You can easily buy them at gold shops, pawn shops and markets if you want to sell. You can only do this in Indonesia, for example in a gold shop, a pawn shop, or a market. You can’t sell internationally because the certificate is national.

5. Gold gram size

PT Aneka Tambang Tbk. produces metal starting at 0.5 g and the largest being 1 kg. Meanwhile, PT UBS is produced in smaller sizes of 0.1 g and the largest size is only 100 g.

Regarding the size difference between the two types of gold, choose accordingly. budget and needs Because they can start investing in smaller sizes and don’t need to be 1 gram right away.

6. Golden body and various styles

Physically, Antam’s gold is smaller but thicker than the UBS type. It doesn’t have a special shape like a SIM card. mobile phone Basically though, the purity level of both is 99.99% the same.

The physical form of the precious metal of UBS tends to be wider but thinner than that of Antam, but when weighed. Both weights are the same. (The only difference is the size). UBS also produces gold in various forms. of unique and cute characters such as Hello Kitty, Disney and many other unique characters

Do you understand the difference between Antam and UBS gold? Choose the one that suits your needs first. invest in precious metals


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