In 2022, we received news that Microsoft would implement a drag n drop option for features Tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11 Insider 22581.100.

It’s just that, over time, Microsoft seems to have forgotten about this feature in some of the latest Insider Dev and Canary versions where users can no longer activate the drag n drop feature via a certain ID in ViveTool.

But that was the case at least until recently where on Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 23451, according to the leaker @PhantomOfEarthwe can activate this feature via ID 39661369 using the ViveTool application as usual.

With this capability, later users can easily drag and drop Tabs in File Explorer, where the behavior will be similar to Tabs in Microsoft Edge, we can move tabs between windows, combine them and so on.

Apart from that, we can also create new windows by pulling out tabs from existing windows, more or less exactly like in the video above.

Even so, it should be noted that this feature still has bugs and can even cause File Explorer to crash, and for those of you who want to try this feature, you can just type the following command in ViveTool.

vivetool /enable /id:39661369

I think this feature is very useful, what do you think? comment below guys.

Via : PhantomOfEarth (Twitter)


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