In recent days, the world of Microsoft has been quite busy talking about the latest collaboration technology between Microsoft and OpenAI, where Microsoft is reportedly preparing search engines AI-powered Bing powers OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Well reportedly anyway, this new version of Bing will be a tough rival that can break Google’s current dominance, but can it become a reality?

Reported from Reutersit is said that Microsoft plans to launch this new version of Bing in March 2023, which is only two months away from now, at which point, Microsoft hopes that its collaboration with OpenAI can transform search engine industry and digital advertising today which is still controlled by its arch rival, the giant Google search engines.

AI technology is currently developing very rapidly, everything can be done with AI, such as those that are viral on various social media, where AI can be instructed to make short posts, social media captions, even thesis frameworks, and of course with this rapid development, Microsoft want to try something new and change Bing which is less popular among users.

Not even half-hearted, Microsoft disbursed $ 1 billion USD as a form of funding so that this collaborative project can run well.

“Recently touting a revolution in artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft is building on a bet it was made on OpenAI nearly four years ago, when it dedicated $1 billion for the startup co-founded by Elon Musk and investor Sam Altman.” Quoted from Reuters.

Could this new Bing ever beat and ‘kill’ Google?, Regarding this, unfortunately there has been no good comment from Google and Microsoft, where these two companies still refuse to comment on the issue that is currently viral on social media.

But if we see, if this new Bing will be better than Google, it will still take time for Microsoft to break down and beat Google from the sector. search engines. In my opinion, as someone who likes to see Microsoft’s development, let’s try to make an example of Microsoft Edge Chromium which was when it was first released, Microsoft hoped that this browser would replace and beat Google Chrome, but in fact it was quite sad, even Edge Marketshare Only Increases Less Than 2% In 2022.

Yes, we’ll see about this new version of Bing technology in March 2023, and of course we hope that this technological advancement will have a positive impact on us as users, especially if there is one unique thing that comes to the new Bing later that can make our work easier.

What do you think? Comment below guys and give your thoughts and opinions.

Reference : Reuters, Microsoft, OpenAI, Bloomberg


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