Recently user @XenoPhanter on Twitter uploaded something interesting, where in the Build Insider Beta which will be released later, the build numbers will change to 23141 and 23145, with that many users are speculating that these are the new Build numbers indicating Windows 11 Moment 3 which is not yet clear.

And if equated with Microsoft SymbolServerit’s possible that this build number could be indicative of debugging efforts by the developers working on this project, in other words Microsoft is currently developing Windows 11 Moment 3.

While this news is just speculation, the rumor is that Windows 11 Moment 3 will be released in mid-2023 between May and June, then after that a major update will follow in Windows 11 23H2 which will be released later this year.

And yeah, these are just rumors and speculation, so don’t get your hopes up that there will be further and detailed news about Windows 11 Moment 3, considering that Microsoft itself hasn’t provided clear information regarding the release of the update.

via: Neowin


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