A few weeks ago, it was reported that Microsoft through its collaboration with OpenAI started working on Bing with ChatGPT technology in it, where the new version of Bing will reportedly be able to kill Google as a search giant.

Now regarding Bing with ChatGPT, recently Owen Yin via Medium revealed a leak regarding the new Bing, which based on Owen’s claim, the new Bing will replace it later search bar Bing is currently with a much larger text field that supports up to 1000 characters.

Apart from that, it is reported that ChatGPT on Bing will allow access to up to date information and make Bing even more powerful for searching. As for this new Bing experience, it will be more interactive, similar to the Public version of ChatGPT from OpenAI, but there is one difference, where instead of answering questions like ChatGPT, this new Bing will display search results in the form of a link from the source of the answer’s information for later access users like today’s search engines.

Now what’s interesting is that this new Bing reportedly doesn’t only answer guys’ questions, but if it can make poetry and short stories. ChatGPT technology is quite scary for writers like me, so before ChatGPT takes over the world, please buy my book on Google Play Book following.

But what if you don’t like this new Bing? Calm down, reportedly users can easily switch to classic Bing by using the available toolbar.

So for now the new Bing is still under development, and even according to the source of the article, Microsoft will open a waiting list at bing.com/new for users who want to register to try the new bing. But unfortunately when I open it, the link doesn’t seem to work.

Then will this bing really beat Google in the future? Well, let’s just see guys in the future.

via: Medium, WinAero


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