Last month, we Presented Moment 1 Update for Windows 11 22H2, where in this update, there are a number of new features that are presented and were previously planned to be present for Windows 11 22H2, including tabs in file explorer, taskbar overflow and navigation pane new.

Now, after the Moment 1 update, news about Moment 2 and Moment 3 is still quite limited, because almost all the features planned for Windows 11 22H2 have all been released, but does the news stop there?

Regarding this, some time ago leaker @PhantomOfEarth on Twitter revealed that reference Moment 3 Update turns out to be in Windows 11 Insider Beta Build 22623.885 which was released some time ago.

This reference is similar to what Microsoft used in the Moment 1/2 update, where according to @PhantomOfEarth, this reference is related to MTestUx14, here’s a comparison.

  • Moment 1 = 39145991 (NWMTest1)
  • Moment 2 = 39281392 (MTestUx13)
  • Moment 3 = 41655236 (MTestUx14)

But friends, even so, Microsoft has not confirmed this, and if this news is true, then Moment 3 is still too soon to be released, because Moment 2 itself has not been released and officially introduced by Microsoft.

Of course, this news is just a leak, guys, because there is no official information and confirmation from Microsoft itself.

Via : @PhantomOfEarth (Twitter)

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