If you are a Vivaldi Browser user, then you may already be aware that version 6.1 has been released, but did you know that in this version there are a number of improvements which can be said to be quite interesting, especially if you are a Bing Chat user.

Now on Vivaldi 6.1, now you can open Bing Chat directly without having to use the Microsoft Edge Browser, this is because Vivaldi disguise self as Microsoft Edge Chromium when visiting a Bing page.

“Vivaldi masquerades as Microsoft Edge when visiting Bing. This means that you can access Bing Chat using Vivaldi.” said Vivaldi.

With this capability, Vivaldi users no longer need to download and use Microsoft Edge Chromium which seems heavier than Vivaldi just to access Bing Chat, because with this browser, you can open Bing Chat directly without having to fiddle with browser components as usual. WinPoin once explained in an article: How to Try Bing Chat on Google Chrome Without Having to Install Microsoft Edge Chromium

Apart from these interesting capabilities, there are a number of other improvements coming to Vivaldi 6.1 including improvements to Workspaces, the ability to quickly copy and share links from Tabs and Tab Stacks, and other things.

For information about the changelog and what bugs were fixed in Vivaldi 6.1, you can just go to the page following.

So, are you a Vivaldi user? Comment below guys, and do you like this improvement?

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