PicPick, one of my go-to apps on Windows for grabs screenshots and immediately edited it, although there are quite a number of alternative applications, but I prefer PicPick because I am used to it.

After quite a while I use version 6.2 which was released in June 2022, now it turns out that version 7 has been released, where in this version many things have changed, and it’s not just the appearance, but there are new features that are also presented in this version.

Now one of the new features is the presence darken outside of the selection which I think will be very useful for making tutorials, besides that now there are also options screen recorder on the menu screen capture.

Also, if you previously connected PicPick with an FTP Server, and maybe sometimes the connection fails, now the problem is causing connection issues it has been fixed in this version.

Okay, let’s get straight to it, if you are curious, here WinPoin quotes some of the new features and improvements you can see in the following changelog:

  • Improved Screen Capture Interface
    • Added Time Delay Options (3, 5, 10 seconds)
    • Added an option to darken outside of the selection
    • Added an option to display grid lines on the magnifier
    • Improved fixed rectangle capture
    • Improved scrolling window capture
    • Improved capture options menu
    • Support better per-monitor DPI awareness mode
    • Added Screen Recorder menu on the screen capture mode
    • Fixed a freezing issue while capturing
  • Added Open Recent Files / Folders menu on the main screen
  • Added Show Widget button on the main screen
  • Added Select Size menu on Screen Recorder
  • Improved program loading performance
  • Fixed FTP connection issues
  • Fixed an issue when clicking a icon on Notification Area

For you PicPick users, it’s a good idea to update your application, because there are a number of new things, including a change in the appearance that I think is now more compatible with Windows 11, although maybe it’s just a glimpse of me.

Now for those of you who want to download PicPick, you can download it via the page following.

Are you a PicPick user? Do you like this app or are there other alternatives that you like? comment below guys.


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