For those who don’t know, the latest Microsoft PowerPoint application, especially for Microsoft 365 users, has a feature that allows users to record videos directly from within the application.

Now regarding this feature, some time ago Microsoft introduced an improvement for Insider users where PowerPoint for Windows now allows users to better record their selfie videos for meetings, online presentations and more.

"Introducing the enhanced Teleprompter view in Recording Studio in PowerPoint for Windows. Using the auto-scroll feature, you can easily refer to your script, maintain better eye contact with the camera while recording, and deliver your message with confidence." ungkap Microsoft. 

For steps to use this feature yourself, you can just check the Microsoft announcement page on the page following.

Apart from that, to get this feature, Insider users must at least use Office 365 with version 2306 Build 16529.20000 or later, so do you think this feature is useful? just comment below guys.

via: Microsoft


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