Microsoft recently released OneNote for Windows, with which there are two versions of OneNote, namely OneNote for Windows 10 (the old version that users usually use) and OneNote for Windows (a new version that Microsoft has quietly released on the Microsoft Store).

Now interestingly guys, both have the same name, namely OneNote, it’s just that they are distinguished by the icon, here are the differences.

OneNote for Windows 10
OneNote for Windows

Well both themselves seem to have the same name, so it’s quite confusing for users, because there are two different options with the same function.

If we open, OneNote for Windows 10 has a slight difference, where there is no menu files in the application, while the new OneNote for Windows, there is a menu files inside it.

In addition, in terms of functionality, the basics are still the same, and there tends to be almost no difference, unless there are indeed features exclusive to Windows 11 22H2 users, where pen integration support is as described in the article. following.

OneNote for Windows 10 Will Be Gone!

One thing is for sure, now OneNote for Windows 10 is no longer in the search page, so if you want to search for this application, you can no longer do it via search field, and you have to click on the live page which you can access on the link following.

With that, in the future OneNote for Windows 10 will be completely removed and replaced with the new OneNote for Windows, because now this new application has entered Microsoft’s recommended list in the Microsoft Store.

So Which Should You Choose Now?

The answer is of course the new OneNote for Windows, where this application has also been recommended by Microsoft in the Microsoft Store, you can directly download this application via direct link following.

For data, don’t worry because as long as you are connected to the same Microsoft account, all your data and notes in OneNote for Windows 10 will still be there and you can still access them in the new OneNote for Windows.

Regarding the existence of these two applications with the same name, in my opinion, OneNote for Windows 10 is not suitable for use in Windows 11 because there is a Windows 10 name that it brings, so with that, Microsoft then changed and updated this OneNote application with OneNote for Windows without any OS descriptions such as 10, 11 and 12, and Microsoft will continue to update it as the Windows operating system develops later.

What do you think? Comment below guys.


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