The Your Phone application, which has now changed its name to Phone Link, has indeed received many new features, especially for users of Samsung devices.

Now regarding Phone Link guys, there is a new leak that later Phone Link will get a feature audio sharing which with this feature will allow users to play audio on a Windows PC connected to a Smartphone via Phone Link.

“You spoke and we listened! Now you can hear and see things shared from your Phone on your PC. Change the device you’d like to stream audio from in Phone Link settings” Note Microsoft.

So besides that, later there will also be features Continuity Browser History which seems this will be specific to Samsung users only.

With this feature users can continue the history of the Samsung Browser on a Windows PC, but the details of this feature are unfortunately still not much and with that there is not much information that we can get.

These two features will probably be specifically for Samsung users, but hopefully in the future these cool features can also be presented for a number of other brands which are also quite common in the market.

Via : Alumia Italia (Twitter)

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