Some time ago Microsoft announced that they had integrated Microsoft To-Do into Outlook for Windows version 2207. Starting from that version, users can use Microsoft To-Do directly from within the Outlook application without having to switch applications first.

In addition, this integration is quite powerful to use, because users can open flagged email list in Microsoft To-Do directly, and with it users can reply and interact in the email more quickly.

Well features flagged emails you can set it in the section To Do Settings > Connected Apps > Turn on flagged email.

Apart from that guys, Microsoft To-Do will also support integration with Microsoft Planner, where it will allow all assigned tasks to be displayed in a Assigned to me list.

But don’t be in a hurry guys, because this feature is currently only available for Microsoft 365 account users, it’s still not clear when this feature will be available for personal accounts, but of course this will be a good feature because this integration will greatly minimize usage. two applications at a time.

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