If you remember, Microsoft used to bring a feature called ‘Espresso’ on Facebook PowerToys 0.39where this feature works the same as caffeine on Linux or Mac.

Time has passed, now the feature has changed its name to ‘Awake’, which is basically the same feature, where when activated, Windows will not enter Windows mode. sleep even auto turn off screen Becomes blank screen.

For those of you who want to keep your desktop on, because there may be work that you have to keep an eye on without any interaction with you user using device any input, then this feature is very useful guys.

Now about this, on this occasion WinPoin will show you a short step on how to keep Windows ‘Always Wake’ with Microsoft PowerToys.

Step 1. First please you download Microsoft PowerToys first, you can see the steps in the article following.

Step 2. On page dashboard / main menu Microsoft PowerToys, please click the ‘Awake’ menu.

Step 3. Click Open Settings.

In section Mode You can choose ‘Keep awake indefinitely’ or ‘Keep awake temporary’ which I recommend indefinitely since we will be setting it manually.

In section Keep screen on It’s a good idea to turn it on to get the best experience from this feature.

Now if you have changed the settings, now as long as the PowerToys Awake icon is in the System Tray, then your device will not enter the mode. sleep or even turn off the screen to save power.

To turn off this feature, you can open it again PowerToys app, then go to the same Settings page, then Set from On to Off.

Or the fastest way, you can change the settings Mode to Off and Keep screen on to Off also via the Awake icon in the System Tray.

Well, please try guys, hopefully it’s useful.


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