Money is not the main source of happiness. But at least having money on hand can make you feel a little safer. Because you don’t need to be confused when there is an urgent need. Today’s investment has become one of the ways to prepare for this urgent need.

With the help of easy technology and programs from Indonesia Stock Exchange Makes investing in capital markets and financial markets easier. Just using your mobile phone can invest the money you already have. You should pay attention to the following tips:

1. Guaranteed monthly income and expenses

Investments are generally medium to long term financial projects. Therefore, money for this purpose should not be money that should be used in everyday life. It is therefore not surprising that people who are able to invest often have good financial management skills.

Many people are reluctant to invest because they feel that their income is not much. in fact The general rule of thumb for investment finance is that 50% of funds are for daily needs, 30% for debt payments and bills. The remaining 20% ​​is for savings and investments. This means that you need to prioritize paying off daily necessities and debts before investing. Unless you have no debt or loan installments.

little by little it became a hill It doesn’t matter if you start your career as an investor with minimum capital or not. because if continuous investment in a certain amount The amount will be large as well.

2. Set goals and time frames.

The investment objective determines the time frame and the instrument you choose. The reason is that some investment instruments are not suitable for the short term. And there are also instruments that will be more profitable in the long run, such as investing in stocks.

Each investment tool has its own characteristics. For example, mutual funds are suitable for novice investors. This is because their capital is affordable and their assets are managed by an investment management company. Of course, this is different from investing in stocks or forex that requires mature knowledge about it because investors have to manage themselves.

3. Understand the risks of investing online

You need to know that investments in capital markets and financial instruments are not guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS). If your money is lost No institution will be able to refund partially or completely.

Therefore, it is important for new traders to understand the risks of online investing. To be able to avoid more or less unwanted risks such as fraud and embezzlement. Make sure before you start investing. You have checked the credibility of the company that you will use the company’s services for.

4. Understand your own risk profile.

The risk profile is the extent to which you can tolerate losses. Three types of risk profilesare conservative, moderate, and aggressive. Conservative investors tend to avoid losses as much as possible. on the contrary Aggressive investors tend to look for high-yielding instruments regardless of their level of risk.

This risk profile is important in helping you determine the right investment tool. Usually, an investment application will help you understand this risk profile by asking a few questions. before finally recommending the right tool for you.

5. Get to know investment tools

Today, there are many investment tools that you can choose from. You can buy almost anything through the mobile or desktop application. in choosing the right musical instrument Of course, you must know the characteristics of each of these tools. Because each tool has its own characteristics. Here are some of these investment tools:

  • share : Securities issued by the company to receive additional capital
  • bond : Debt instruments issued by companies, governments or institutions
  • mutual fund : joint investment contract Managed by Investment Manager
  • ETFs : Combined investment contracts directly managed by investors.
  • Forex : Foreign currency trading for short-term profit
  • P2P Loans : Investment for investment channels to partners from various business levels From large corporations to MSMEs
  • digital currency: Investing in the form of buying and selling crypto assets ranging from money such as bitcoin, ethereum and others to NFT listings.
  • gold : Investing in buying and selling gold whether in physical or digital form.
  • EBA : Collateralized securities or EBA are securities that have a value based on other securities. Other securities These are usually debt or credit bills.

The above instruments are regulated by two different institutions, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (BAPPEBTI). You can check the legality of the companies offering you investments on the websites of the two agencies above. So you can avoid fraudulent investments.

You can find a full discussion of the various investment tools above at Investbro.id.

6. Choosing the Best Securities Company and Broker

in the context of investment and trading There are three institutions that you should choose as best as possible: Securities companies. Investment Manager and Broker A brokerage firm is a company that will connect you to the capital market on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. An investment manager is a company that issues mutual funds and ETFs, while a broker is also a link for traders. liquidity provider in the forex market and cryptocurrency

better choose Trusted Securities CompanyThis is because quality and reliability directly affect the return on your investment. In addition to ensuring legality at OJK or BAPPEBTI, you must also pay attention to your company’s history to determine if the company is qualified.

7. Persistent learning and curiosity

There are many investment tools in the world. And each instrument has its own characteristics. For example, bonds are debt instruments issued by companies and governments. Debentures issued by the companyIt is more or less different from government bonds.

This curiosity also plays an important role in determining the best tool. To invest in stocks, for example, investors need to be able to read and analyze daily stock price charts and financial reports. Therefore, investors need to keep learning and have a high level of curiosity.

Investing may sound familiar but interesting to you, however, it is undeniable that entering this world is full of risks. The risks come with the benefits. So here are 7 tips before entering the investing world. Remember to invest now for future needs.


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