Cryptocurrency It is one of the favorite investment and trading tools of Indonesia’s young generation today. This is because this tool is expected to provide excellent return on investment in a short time.

There are two methods you can use to become a cryptocurrency trader. The first way is to trade this tool on the secondary market. Also known as crypto exchanges such as Tokocrypto, Indodax, etc. The second method is mining. cryptocurrency directly from the site

In this article, the author discusses 10 tools that traders need to provide a second trading option. This article is for those who want to build your own drilling rig.

1. Encrypted wallet

Crypto wallet, also known as crypto wallet, is a storage tool. cryptocurrency Either from mining or general trading. This asset wallet can be in the form of a mobile, desktop, or hardware application. This tool is essential for miners. So when the mining process is finished Mining cryptocurrency can go directly to the owner’s wallet.

guaranteed to know How to make an encrypted wallet which is safe from hacking Don’t let the mining results be stolen by irresponsible people.

2. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The graphics processing unit (GPU) is a special electronic circuit used to convert data in memory into images. to be able to appear on the computer screen mobile phone or other devices. The faster the GPU solves the mathematical mining algorithm, the better the GPU.

In the past, when it was first discovered, bitcoin mining could be done with a central processing unit (CPU), also known as a home computer. However, as more traders are mining and the supply of bitcoins is high in the market, developers have started make the mining process cryptocurrency this gets more complicated result now Minimum PC specs for bitcoin mining At least use a good GPU like Nvidia GTX 1070 or AMD Vega 56.

Even in recent developments there are GPUs made especially for mining. You can say si-ASIC is the fastest crypto mining processor. However, each ASIC tool is used to mine. cryptocurrencies especially different So don’t be surprised if the price is around 10,000 USD or about 140 million rupiah per unit.

3. Power Supply

cryptocurrency mining process It’s not something that will happen immediately. Software testing assistanceIt takes 1,273.7 days to process and about 3,250 watts of power, which means you need a power supply to support your laptop’s performance. This tool is also necessary in the event of a power outage in your home.

A power supply is an instrument used to convert electricity from a power source to electrical energy adapted to the needs of the power receiving equipment. To build your own rig We recommend a power supply equivalent to Corsair HX1200i or EVGA SuperNOVA 1600.

4. RAM

random access memory (RAM) is an electronic component of an electronic device that stores data and program code. RAM allows data to be read and modified at the same time. Usually, the better the RAM, the faster the device uses it.

in mining activities RAM is not the primary device. However, the one who will succeed in mining profitably is the miner who can crack the mathematical code the fastest. Your computer won’t be able to function properly either. The most common RAM used for this activity is Newegg Patriot Memory 4GB DDR.

5. Motherboard

A motherboard is a board in a computer that connects different components. in computers such as RAM, GPU or CPU, VGA card, etc. to make the mining process run smoothly. You need a dedicated mining motherboard, such as ASUS B250 Mining Expert.

6. Cooling

Laptops or electronic devices that are constantly used will heat up quickly and easily become damaged. Therefore, in laptops or computers there is usually a special cooling device.

This cooler needs to be tweaked again if you want to use your rig as a mining rig. due to the mining process cryptocurrency This usually happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. and as mentioned above This process can take more than 1 year to get just 1 bitcoin.

If you don’t want to figure out how to cool it down, try it. VPS Mining Because the hardware is managed by the server provider.

7. Hard drive

Cryptocurrency Mining Process Cryptocurrency often requires large storage space. Therefore, it cannot rely on RAM alone. to make this process better We recommend that you prepare an SSD hard drive with a capacity of 60-250 GB.

8. Mining frame

The mining frame is where you will use to place all the mining equipment on top. Usually, this mining project takes the form of an open rack with a small base. in each section of the shelf This makes it possible to properly connect cables from individual components.

9. Mining Software

If tool number 2-8 above is hardware And tool number 1 can be hardware or software. It’s time to prepare a software that can be used for mining crypto-currency.

Crypto Mining Software required for security Ensure the stability and speed of mining hardware. By using this software You can check the temperature of the hardware. Mining speed and progress and many more in terms of this software Many sources recommend CGMiner, BFGMiner EasyMiner, AwesomeMiner.

10. Internet connection

According to some sources Only 15 Mbps internet speed (equivalent to watching video) is required for crypto mining data synchronization. The synchronization process will be delayed until the Internet is turned on again. As a result, the mining process can be halted. So you can’t make profits as fast as you want. Therefore, use the internet service with sufficient speed but continuously. The goal is not to disrupt the mining process.

build crypto mining rig It can be challenging for miners. cryptocurrency because, besides expensiveThe above tools also require special care both during installation and when the mining process is running. One solution for those who want to mine their own crypto but don’t have enough time and skills to assemble and install the above tools is to use a hosting miner.

By using the services of a mining hosting company Investors only need to purchase the rig and maintenance costs. While the installers and maintainers of these tools together are staffed by the hosting provider. Not to mention that mining companies tend to come from countries with cold temperatures. Thus, they can save money on buying fans and mining machines that don’t easily heat up. This way, you can mine crypto without sacrificing time and doing complicated maintenance.


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