OBS Studio is one application that I like, because apart from being able to record screens, we can also do live with some cool configurations, especially if you want to do this. podcasts, or other things where in a live state, you have to switch cameras and display the output to the audience.

Now on my device, there happens to be a pretty interesting case, where OBS Studio can’t record the screen, and the display output from display capture it is blank as in the following image.

So if you happen to encounter the same problem, don’t panic guys, and don’t delete your OBS first, because the application may not have a problem, the problem is the settings of the application.

cause of problem, and how to fix it

So guys, the cause of this problem is OBS Studio can’t display the output display capture if we open the application with mode high performance or use dedicated graphics.

But if we use integrated graphics, OBS can open normally without any problems, so with that if you want to record the screen, then you have to open OBS with no mode high performance, although CPU Usage will be used more, this feature can be used normally without any problems.

Now that’s the cause of the problem and how to fix it, if you happen to find the same thing, you can try the steps above, guys.

May be useful. Thanks.


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