Currently sometimes there are a lot of annoying popups when we try to visit certain websites, for example, when we visit website maps, usually there will be a notification popup asking for permissions regarding the location based on the IP we are using, and although we can actually use the option Use quieter messaging on the Settings page, but not everyone knows this, so we have to manually click allow / deny on the popup.

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Regarding this, Google recently in its blog post page explained that in the next version of Google Chrome, Google Chrome will bring a model machine learning which will automatically block permission prompt and notifications from websites.

For example, if you usually block notification popups (deny) on one website, Google Chrome will study the behavior and will block notification popups on other websites you will visit.

This new capability of Google Chrome is planned to be present in version 103 which is planned to be released on June 21, but of course it is still not clear whether or not behavior and machine learning in Google Chrome this will run optimally.

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