A few days ago, Microsoft updated the PowerToys application to version 0.64.0, where in this version we get features hosts file editor which has been rumored before, where with this feature we will get the ability to do backup and restore settings, as well as the ability to edit the Hosts file directly.

And besides that, there is another feature that is also present in this version, namely File Locksmith, now this feature will allow us to see which processes are currently using the file.

With this feature, we can see what causes a file or folder that cannot be deleted or modified, where with File Locksmith, processes that are actively using the file or folder will be immediately identified.

How interesting isn’t it?, for you PowerToys users, make sure you download this new version, because apart from new features, there are a number of improvements that are presented as well, where you can see the changelog and other information on the GitHub page. following.

Download PowerToys 0.64.0 from Microsoft Store or GitHub.


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