One of the known issues that may be currently being reported by quite a lot of users on the Feedback Hub page for Windows 11 is a problem with Windows Security Apps, where after updating the system to Windows 11 Moment 2 update a few weeks ago, Windows Security Apps started unable to detect TPM 2.0 on the device that the user is using.

Like the image shared by one of the users on ElevenForum above, on the Windows Security page, there will appear information that does not exist TPM available, even though based on the information described by the user, TPM 2.0 is available and has been activated in the system.

Reported from Neowinit turns out that it’s not just one user who encounters this problem, where as it turns out there are quite a number of users on the Feedback hub reporting the same problem.

Regarding this problem, unfortunately when this article was written, there was no official confirmation from Microsoft, so users will have to wait longer to find a fix for this problem.

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Apart from that, this problem doesn’t really affect the system, unless the Windows Security page displays information that doesn’t exist TPM available there.

So, do you have the same problem? Comment below guys, please check on the Windows Security page, did you also find this bug?

via: Neowin, Feedback Hub, ElevenForum


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