Microsoft officially said that they released Windows 11 22H2 not with full features, where as we know, Windows 11 22H2 is divided into two different builds, namely 22621 and 22622, in contrast to 22622, all new features are presented by default, including Tabs in File Explorer, and more.

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Now the good news, based on the latest information, a number of these new features will reportedly be released and presented in Windows 11 in October 2022 through the Moment 1 Update, so what are these new features? Let’s see.

Tabs in File Explorer

First and foremost, the Tab in File Explorer, this feature has been wanted by users for a long time, even though Windows 11 22H2 has been released, but because it still brings Build 22621, quite a lot of users are curious why they haven’t gotten this feature too, the reason is because indeed this feature has not been launched in the build.

But next October, you can already get this feature with an update from Moment 1 which will probably change the OS build to 22622.

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Taskbar Overflow

Now if the Taskbar in Windows 11 is full, there will be a Taskbar Overflow feature where the application icon that fills the taskbar will be displayed in an icon three little dots on the right side of the taskbar, as shown below.

New Open With View

Third, after Microsoft finally removed the new look from Open With in the last Insider version due to a bug that affected performance, but in Windows 11 Build 22622, Microsoft has brought this new look back.

So here’s a comparison of the Open With display on Windows 11 Build 22621 and Build 22622.

Suggested Actions

First introduced in Insider Build 25115, with Suggested Actions, when you copy a phone number, for example, Windows will offer a pop up and offer the user about the next action to use.

In addition to the phone number, when the date is copied, it will also offer different actions according to the application that supports it.

Now, these four features are currently not present in Windows 11 22H2 with Build 22621, but with the Moment 1 update in October 2022, all of these features will be presented to users.

For those of you who are impatient, you can actually activate a number of these features on your current Windows 11 using ViveTool, for example activating Tab Feature in File Explorer Windows 11 2022 Updateand maybe another tutorial that WinPoin will summarize in a future article if there are enough enthusiasts for the new Taskbar Overflow, Suggested Actions and Open With View features.

What do you think? do you like some of the new features above? comment below guys.


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