Buying a home is not an easy task because decisions cannot be made without careful consideration. If you don’t consider it carefully, it may cause trouble for yourself in the future.

It’s common when you first buy a home to be confused because of the many files to be prepared. how much down payment Let’s think about relaxing later.

So you need to read the following article on home buying advice so you know how to prepare!

1. Choose the right house according to your needs.

Buying a home before the age of 30 is not a mistake. But there are many things to consider carefully. The first tips for buying a house What millennials need to know is choosing a home that meets their needs.

For singles or married people Considering a comfortable home for a small family or for yourself is simple. You have to consider many aspects such as roof foundation, water system, electricity, surrounding environment, medical facility, shopping center location, safety, etc. This is very important because a home is a long-term investment. Therefore, it should be comfortable and adapted to your needs.

Buying a home also takes into account its accessibility and distance to work or crowds. You should measure the distance and travel time from home to work first. Also know what the surrounding congestion is during peak hours.

On the other hand, if you want to be near the office or crowd. You usually have to spend more. So let’s consider whether it complies with . budget and needs? So decide what your dream home looks like.

2. Down payment

The trick to your next home purchase is Installment Payment (DP), whereby this payment is made at the outset before the property is settled. The down payment for the property is not small. But up to a million rupiah depending on the form of payment used.

usually in the schema Home Loan (KPR) The down payment or down payment is lighter and less than tens or hundreds of millions of rupiah. It depends on who’s the developer. meanwhile in second-hand homes and in non-mortgage residences Typically, the down payment can range from tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah depending on the price.

Want to have your dream home in the next few years? Start saving your down payment now by setting aside up to 20% to 30% of your monthly income, let’s say DP price is Rp 50 million and your salary is Rs 5,000,000 then you should save up to 30%. This means that Rp 1,500,000 per month must be kept for 3 years only for down payment.

3. Consider an Appropriate Payment Plan

Have you decided what your dream home would look like? How to buy a home for millennials also needs to consider what form of payment they are. cash, Home Ownership Credit (KPR) or installments to buy a used home Don’t forget to check the price as well, OK!

If it’s your first time buying a house Many people recommend a mortgage because the down payment and interest are often lighter than buying with cash or other credit systems, so you should first find out about the relevant bank mortgage systems, installment payments, and total costs to get an idea.

try mortgage calculator From the BTN bank in the link, you can calculate the estimated price of future stays with the KPR system.

Not different from a mortgage Paying off a second-hand or new home loan You must know the down payment amount. total house price interest rate and ownership of the building As well as adjusting the number of installments to suit your financial abilities so that you don’t mess up your financial management and make yourself difficult.

4. Consider searching yourself or through a real estate agent.

When looking for your first home You may be confused or still fantasize and want to find a home yourself without the help of a real estate agent. In fact, surveys themselves or through real estate agents have their own pros and cons. So, consider time and price carefully.

The advantages of doing your own surveys are: You can customize what your dream home will look like without paying a commission to the other party. However, the downside is that this can take a long time. This is because you have to complete the survey yourself without the assistance of a representative. But if you want to practice more Take a survey through a house trading application For example, 99.co, OLX, Mitula Homes, Pinhome, BTN Properti, Griyaplus and others.

Considering hiring a real estate agent is a good decision if you’re busy and hard to find time to spare. The downside, however, is that you’ll have to pay the real estate agent a commission of a few percent of the total agreed building price, or offer To buy and which one to choose?

5. Make sure your home installment doesn’t exceed 30% of your income.

Millennials or newly married couples looking to buy their first home need to know what the loan or installment payment system is. However, financial management is very important to their future survival. Including installments, try to be consistent with your abilities and not exceed basic living expenses.

in principle The recommended installment percentage should not exceed 30% of your monthly income or salary. if more than that Usually the fulfillment of other daily needs can be disrupted, so this is difficult for yourself.

When applying for a loan or mortgage Typically, the relevant bank asks for a payslip to measure your financial ability to pay in installments with interest. For example, your monthly salary is IDR 5,000,000. The maximum amount of installments payable per month would be better than IDR 1,500,000 if you account for it. percentage 30%

6. Check the completeness of the house registration documents.

Another house-buying secret that young couples and millennials need to know is: Be sure to check the completeness of the documents for future stays. as well as the type of building ownership certificate This is very important to do in order to avoid undesirable events in the future that will cause problems with the property of the property, especially when purchasing a second-hand building or house.

Several documents and documents to verify include Building Permit (IMB), Land and Building Tax (PBB) and Certificate of Property Rights (SHM). Make sure all information is correct and not falsified.

However, if the name in the document does not match the name of the building seller Ask for details on the relationship status with the building owner in detail. Ask about the process of transferring the name at the same time if the house is inherited. It must be solved in the right way. This means that you must know the history of this building in order to avoid any future unwanted events such as disputes.

7. Make a choice

How many potential homes were surveyed? It’s time to make your choices stronger! Start sorting out the housing that best suits your needs and price by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each building.

before making a choice Make sure you have paid the down payment. so that you can pay the down payment immediately In addition, consider personal financial conditions whether you can pay in installments or not. Because the installment will require other additional expenses, one of which is the purchase of furniture.

Give it time to rebuild your chosen home as a long-term residence. Considering from all sides, don’t miss anything. Redefine whether housing will really be appropriate in the next few years.

that’s it how to buy a house, Especially for millennials and newly married couples. Before deciding to buy your first home You should carefully consider it and explore it thoroughly. Especially if you want it to be a long-term residence.


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