At the beginning of this year, it was reported that Netflix began to aggressively carry out various ways to eradicate the sharing of passwords which is currently rife. This crackdown itself began in March 2023 and now seems to be expanding again.

According to information and report the latest from Netflix, this Thursday they started limiting sharing accounts for users who don’t live in the same house starting July 20, 2023 in countries such as India, Indonesia, Croatia, and Kenya.

"Beginning today, we’ll start to address account sharing between households in almost all of our remaining countries. In these markets, we’re not offering an extra member option given that we’ve recently cut prices in a good number of these countries (for example, Indonesia, Croatia, Kenya, and India) and penetration is still relatively low in many of them so we have plenty of runway without creating additional complexity. Households borrowing Netflix will be able to transfer existing profiles to new and existing accounts."

That way, now there are more than 100 countries including Indonesia affected by this, apart from that on the other hand it is actually a feature shared passwords itself can be said to be detrimental to Netflix, especially now that there are quite a number of users who take advantage of this feature for business, including in our beloved country.

In addition, some of the countries associated with (let’s call it eradication) currently no longer have the option to pay extra to add another person on the same account. Meanwhile, several countries that are not affected by this still have this option.

So, what do you think about this? comment below guys.

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