Some applications generally provide options run as startup or run after windows logon, but some other applications don’t, for example like Microsoft Office, and other common applications that don’t really need access startups.

But sometimes there are a number of applications that we want to run at startup, in my case, those applications are whatsapp which I use often.

Now, to set the application to run at startup, it’s actually very easy, guys, we just need to enter shortcuts the application on folder C:Users”youruser”AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup it’s okay.

Here are the steps.

Step 1. Prepare shortcuts the application you want to run at Startup.

Step 2. Next, please copy shortcut and open File Explorer, then navigate to the following folder:

C > Users > UserKamu > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > Programs > Startup

Lastly, please you paste shortcut which you have copied / copied before.

To see if the changes we made have been successful, please open it Task Manager then navigate to tab Startupthen make sure that the application you added earlier is already there.

So how easy is it? please try guys, hopefully this article is useful.


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