In April 2022, it was reported that Whatsapp would bring new capabilities to their messaging platform, including 2 GB Attachments, Emoji Reactionsand one of them is the Community where with this users can reach a wider and more diverse group than group normal.

We are currently able to use some of these features, including Emoji Reactions which was launched a few weeks ago.

Regarding this Community, there are quite a lot of new things, including combining several of the same groups in one container, where users can more easily connect with many people.

This community aims to raise the bar on how organizations communicate with a level of privacy and security that can’t be found anywhere else, said Whatsapp on its official page.

In addition to the Community, Whatsapp has also released several other features, including the ability to create images poll in chat, make video calls as many as 32 people, and groups with a maximum participant limit of around 1024 people.

Now as usual, this feature will be gradually rolled out by WhatsApp, and it may still take several months until finally all regions get this feature, according to Whatsapp’s statement, “We have started rolling out Communities on WhatsApp globally and it will be available to everyone in the next few months.”for which we may have to wait again to get some of those features.

What do you think? will you like this new feature? comment below guys.

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