One of the investment tools is the deposit. Deposits must be deposited in the bank within the specified age. during the deposit period Customers will receive returns in the form of interest rates.

Deposits can be made at any bank. from various banks including state enterprises, private banks, and digital banks One of the state banks that offers deposit services is BRI. You probably already know this.

But for those who are still confused about how to deposit money at Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), here is complete information on BRI deposit methods and benefits and conditions. Check the following!

BRI deposits at a glance

BRI deposits are fixed deposits provided by banks to facilitate Indonesians who wish to save money in rupiah. This BRI product can be made by agreement on storage periods between both parties.

By using this facility You will be rewarded in the form of high interest rates and other tangible benefits. The process is also simple to make it more practical and can be done by people from different education levels.

BRI Deposit Benefits

Before knowing how to deposit BRI, you can first learn about the benefits of depositing BRI. There are many advantages you can get if you decide to fund BRI. Here are some of them.

Competitive interest rates

One of the advantages of depositing money at BRI is that you can get competitive interest rates. As a result, interest rates are competitive with other banks. You can start opening a deposit account from IDR 5,000,000 for internet or mobile bankingand IDR 10,000,000 through the nearest branch office. The amount of interest will be adjusted based on the tenure of the loan and deposit.

facilities automatic rollover (ARO)

You can automatically renew your deposit. In addition, you can enjoy interest by increasing the principal of the deposit upon renewal. to increase the deposited value Profit received was also maximized.

easy access to flowers

One of the advantages of BRI deposits is easy access to interest. You can find nominal interest or deposit without changing account number. according to the agreement between the parties You just need to express this wish through the nearest BRI bank branch. If there really is an urgent need

no processing fee

This is a plus and a plus for BRI bank deposits, you don’t need money to pay management fees. This is because when opening a BRI bank account, you will not be charged a management fee.

various ages

BRI offers a variety of ages that can be adapted to your needs, from 1 month to 36 months. Of course, this age determines the amount of interest earned. So it can be adjusted, for example, only need to save 3 months. Agree with BRI about this age.

Many deposit options

Finally, the advantage of depositing money at BRI is that there are many position options. There are three positions: cash, access from another account at BRI, or transfer or debit from another bank account.

BRI deposit conditions

After knowing the advantages of depositing at BRI, the requirements are explained so that you can make a deposit. Here are some things to consider and prepare for opening a deposit account at BRI Bank.

1. Have a savings account at BRI

If you want to deposit at BRI, first make sure you have a savings or checking account at BNI. This is a condition that must be met. So prepare in advance for this single condition.

2. Identity settings

If you are an Indonesian citizen (WNI), you must provide your identity along with supporting documents including your identity card. (KTP)/Driver’s License (SIM)/Passport, if applicable. You can enter your Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).

meanwhile If you are a foreign national (WNA), you will need to include your passport along with your temporary residence permit card. (KIMS)/ Temporary Residence Permit Card (KITAS) to open a deposit account.

3. Payment of taxes

Subsequently, after the deposit is completed You will receive a return in the form of a competitive interest rate for an age, after which the customer will be subject to tax in accordance with the applicable regulations. Therefore, before taxing liquid funds first.

As mentioned earlier, there is a minimum initial deposit. Opening through a BRI bank agency near you is IDR 10,000,000 whereas if you make a deposit through Internet Banking Minimum IDR 5,000,000 and maximum IDR 100,000,000

5. Pay stamp duty

Finally, the requirement to open an account at BRI bank is the payment of stamp duty fees. When opening an account and withdrawing deposits A stamp duty fee will be charged according to the conditions set forth.

How to open a fixed deposit at BRI Bank

There are two ways to open a BRI deposit account: offline and online. Check out all the steps below.

account opening offline

  1. Come to the nearest branch office after processing and bring the necessary documents to the nearest branch office.
  2. You can use the deposit form right away or if confused you can ask the security guard, usually at the front near the door. State your intention to open a deposit account.
  3. You can queue at customer While waiting to complete the form and wait for your queue.
  4. if you reach customer service Fill out the form immediately and say you want to open a deposit account.
  5. You will have a conversation with CS about the initial deposit amount. Type of deposit, selected age and other descriptions After both parties agree The application will be processed immediately.

account opening online

  1. certify that there is Internet banking users and have already registered
  2. You can open a browser on your smartphone and go to ib.bri.co.id.
  3. Go to the homepage, select the ‘Services’ menu, then select ‘Opening a deposit’.
  4. Next, you will be taken to the Terms and Conditions page for opening a deposit. Read all terms and conditions carefully. If you agree ‘Terms and conditions for opening deposit’
  5. Select the source account and enter the principal amount of the deposit. Make sure to meet the minimum amount required.
  6. Then there will be a column to choose the period and type of deposit renewal.
  7. Enter your password and m-token.
  8. Successful deposit You just have to wait until the process is approved. See the ‘Deposit Status’ section to see. Updatehis.

Here is information on how to open a deposit at BRI bank if it meets your needs. You can open an account immediately. Let’s put your money now to get the most profit.


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