Some time ago, it was reported that the monthly update / cumulative update for June 2022 has been released by Microsoft, both for Windows 11 and for Windows 10.

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Now in the update, as you have read in the previous article, there are no complete details about what was fixed, other than information that this update fixes security problems from Windows 11 as well as improvements in the quality of the OS itself.

However, recently it turns out that many users have reported an important problem, especially those who are using the features Wi-Fi Hotspot in their Windows 10 and Windows 11, because after updating their system with cumulative updates the feature fails to run and cannot be used.

After installing KB5014697, Windows devices might be unable to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. When trying to use the hotspot feature, the host device might lose the connection to the internet after a client device connects.

Microsoft investigates this issue

Regarding this issue, Microsoft is currently looking for the problem and trying to fix it, but the temporary step you can take is to roll back update or remove this cumulative update.

So, are you a user of the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature, comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft, Neowin


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