Last May 2022, Microsoft Officially Launches VPN on Microsoft Edge Chromium where Edge VPN is also called “Secure Network”, which is now available for Microsoft Edge Canary users.

So friends, regarding this Edge VPN, there is one interesting news that recently came from a Reddit user @Leopeva64-2 at Redditwhere previously Edge VPN was only available with a bandwidth of 1 GB per month, now Microsoft offers 15 GB of bandwidth per month.

Regarding this, indeed, before 1 GB / month it felt too little, but because maybe it’s a lot feedback that went into Microsoft, they’re now adding it.

So, this change comes together with the release of Edge Canary v110.0.1563.0, where now users can more freely use Edge VPN with more data. But unfortunately, guys, this change has only been presented to selected users, so not all users have gotten this change.

In the future, maybe there will be a paid version where we can use more bandwidth instead of the free version presented by Microsoft, and yes of course maybe this is also part of Microsoft’s business by selling their VPN service on Microsoft Edge, we’ll see what it will be like in the future.

For those of you who want to try using Edge VPN or Microsoft Edge Secure Network, you can activate this feature through the steps that WinPoin has summarized on the page following. Make sure you are logged in to your Microsoft account.

via: Reddit

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